When Life Gives You Plastic, Lay Eggs!

My previous department head pulled this piece off of the internet a couple days ago and I thought that I would share this with all of you…

It’s always amazing to see how insects can take advantage of the situations that humans put them into.  Clearly no one was expecting to find anything taking advantage of this awful situation.  But, low and behold, the sea skater (Halobates sericeus) is using this garbage to build up its numbers.  This article is just one more piece of evidence that insects will always be far more adaptable to their surroundings than even the most technologically advanced human.

Go bugs!


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I am a dedicated and enthusiastic entomologist focusing on the expansion of public knowledge of entomology, proper IPM practices, and raising the awareness of beneficial insects within the home, garden, and crop systems. Insects are an infinitely diverse population throughout the world and are commonly misunderstood creatures. It is the goal of this blog to help share and promote their uniqueness throughout our internet community.

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